7 things to remember when arriving at the park gatehouse for day use

In today’s post comes from Discovery Leader Matt Cunliffe at MacGregor Point Provincial Park

When the big day comes, if you’re like me, all you want to do is get to your site: tent set, chairs out, feet up.

I’ve worked for Ontario Parks since 2006, and last year had the opportunity to run a gate house.

This gave me an increased respect for the amazing work our gate staff perform and valuable perspective on just how busy the park can be during check-in time for a long weekend…or any weekend for that matter.

And after a season of answering questions and helping campers, here are a few considerations for this year:

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July’s digital download

Watch velvety pink clouds strain out the last glimmers of daylight and feel all your fatigue fade away.

July is the perfect time to reconnect with the restorative benefits of nature.

This month’s FREE digital download comes from Woodland Caribou Provincial Park!

Join us on July 15 for Healthy Parks Healthy People Day to snap a special photo of your own. In the meantime, enjoy this stunning scenery on all of your devices.

Throughout 2022, we’re sharing a free downloadable graphic for you to use as wallpaper for your favourite devices. We’ve specially sized these images for your  computers, tablets, smartphones, and Facebook covers.

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What’s that loud buzzing sound from up in the trees?

Today’s post comes to us from the Discovery Program staff at Charleston Lake Provincial Park.

Most summer visitors to the park will no doubt hear a loud buzzy “droning” sound, broadcasting from high up in the trees. The sound starts soft and gets louder, before tapering off. Some people say it sounds like a buzzing electric saw, with each burst lasting about 15 seconds.

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Eyes on the skies — July

Welcome to the Ontario Parks “Eyes on the Skies” series. This space (<– see what we did there?) will cover a wide range of astronomy topics with a focus on what can be seen from the pristine skies found in our provincial parks.

July has finally arrived. Summer is the perfect time to escape the noise, air, and light pollution of the larger urban areas and head to the peace and serenity of a provincial park.

July also hosts a number of beautiful constellations, full of interesting stories to tell.

Here are our astronomical highlights for July, 2022:

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Health benefits of fishing

Fishing is an iconic Canadian pastime. There’s nothing like spending the day by the water with your friends and family, casting a line and enjoying the great outdoors.

But did you know you can get more than a killer catch from a day of fishing? Fishing actually has benefits for your physical and mental health.

Here are a few ways fishing can improve your overall well-being.

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Campfire safety: If you love Ontario Parks, don’t burn them!

Today’s post comes from Marketing and Communications summer student Mitch Jackson. His campfire talents include cooking stuffed peppers, grilling barbecue chicken, and always managing to forget to pack a lighter. 

For many campers, a fire is a must. Gathering ’round the flames, sharing stories with friends and family, making s’mores, and burning marshmallows are all part of the quintessential camping experience.

While you may have the perfect campfire recipes, or the perfect campfire building technique, you should also be aware of how to keep your campfire perfectly safe.

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How to plan your visit to Six Mile Lake

Conveniently located off Highway 400 in beautiful Muskoka, Six Mile Lake Provincial Park is an excellent family camping park with tons to do.

That said, the park can get extremely busy for both day use and camping. We want to make sure our visitors have all the information they need to have a fun visit, while also keeping the park safe and protected.

Planning a trip to Six Mile Lake? Here’s what you need to know to have a fun and frustration-free visit:

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What it’s like to work the front gate at a provincial park

Our front gate staff are frontline heroes of park operations.

(If you’ve ever checked in at a bustling park on a busy Friday afternoon, you know exactly what we’re talking about!)

Gate staff work extremely hard to get you into the park as quickly as possible, all while balancing many priorities in a hectic environment.

Here are five things they’d like you to know about working in the gatehouse:

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Backcountry basics: know your limits

You’ve heard about this fantastic new adventure through a friend, route guide, or Instagram. It looks kind of tough, and you’re pretty new to the whole backcountry thing.

Still, you don’t want to miss out, so you decide to go for it.

But as you start planning, there’s a little voice wondering if this is really the best idea.

Listen to that voice.

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