Murphys Point Accessible Playground

Accessible playground at Murphys Point

Today’s post comes from Josie Grenier, Assistant Superintendent at Murphys Point Provincial Park.

Ontario Parks is working to ensure that everyone can access and enjoy new playgrounds being built or replaced across the province. This involves more planning and consideration than just the design of the climbing structure as you’ll see featured here at Murphys Point Provincial Park.

When we were designing this area for Murphys Point, we looked at the big picture. We considered the legislative requirements for accessibility, as well as what our visitors might need or want.

Some visitors would require nearby parking, as well as crushed stone and cedar-weave surface materials for easy travel to and inside the playground. Others would need a variety of accessible playground elements.

Murphys Point Playground as viewed from parking lot

So we created two accessible parking spaces close to the playground and we connected them to an accessible trail we constructed.

The playground itself has a solo spinner to increase cognitive function, a large accessible swing with a built-in harness, and some ground level options of play.


We are pleased to be receiving plenty of positive feedback from our visitors on the improvements to this area and our effort to make it more inclusive. It’s wonderful to observe our visitors enjoying this new and improved feature at Murphys Point!