A little adventure and a lot of fun!

About this time of year, many of us are hit with the same antsy feeling “spring fever!”A couple of weeks ago I needed to get out, enjoy the mild winter weather and reacquaint myself with the great outdoors.

What better place to enjoy winter scenery than an Ontario provincial park? So my friends and I headed out to do a little winter camping in a yurt, at Silent Lake.

krista YURT 012 1For those of you unfamiliar with the word “yurt”, it is a canvas-covered structure, about 16 feet in diameter. It has a wooden floor, wood stove, bunk beds and can sleep up to six people.

With groomed trails, a frozen lake and plenty of energy, we managed to snowshoe, cross country ski and even go ice fishing. There as much to do in the winter months as the summer camping season. And what a warm and cozy retreat to come back to after being out in chilly temperatures all day! With firewood provided by chivalrous park staff, we stoked up the wood stove and enjoyed the kind of dry shelter that’s not always available in a tent.

krista YURT snowshoeing 1

So, if you feel like camping season is too far off, there is a solution to your winter blahs. Dig out your flashlight, pack an extra pair of socks and get out there while you still can. After all, spring will be here before we know it.

For more information about yurts and winter accommodations at Ontario Parks, visit our website.

krista YURT snow us

A special thanks to Bill & John for making our stay extra special; Krista Royce for the featured photos; and to Camp Kawartha for generously providing cross country skis. Thanks!