Two young anglers looking in amazement at the fish they caught with the Learn to Fish leader at their side.

5 reasons why you should try our Learn to Fish program

Today’s post comes from Brianne Schneider, a Learn to Fish leader at Emily Provincial Park.

New to fishing? Want to freshen up your skills? The Learn to Fish program is for you!

This two-hour session begins on land but ends along the shores catching the big one or the small one. The best part about fishing is that the catch gets larger with time!

No matter what your reason is for joining us, you are sure to find something that suits your taste!

1. Tackle, rod, bait…we got you covered!

Don’t worry about a thing. We have everything you need and more!

A view of inside the Learn to Fish shed where all the gear is held.

This includes fully-rigged rods, lifejackets/PFDs, sunglasses, worms, and me, your Learn to Fish instructor!

Brianne casting off the docks at Emily Provincial Park

Don’t have a fishing license? No need to worry. Learn to Fish provides a one-day license you can use.

Picture of the one day fishing license provided.

Nothing is better than spending the day fishing and not having to prep or de-tangle any of the equipment. We got you covered!

2. Got questions? We have answers

Whether it’s how to use the equipment, what the best tips and tricks are, or how to cast, our interactive session will help you.

Most importantly, you will learn how to navigate Ontario’s 2019 Fishing Rules and Regulation manual, and what to catch versus what not to catch as we identify which fish are native and invasive.

Young kid sitting patiently waiting for his first bite on the line.

Too much information to take in? Not to worry, you’ll go home with a swag bag full of the information we covered and fun activities to help you remember.

3. Cast your first line with confidence!

Gain hands-on experience throughout the session. We believe the best way to learn is by doing, so come participate in our equipment and casting demonstration.

Participant playing with the bait, worms.

Even when you’re ready to hit the docks, the learning won’t stop! Try putting on your bait, identify the fish you catch and unhooking the fish all on your own!

4. Stressed? Even more of a reason to join in

Fishing is a great way to reconnect with yourself and nature as it takes focus and can help you destress. Taking in the fresh air and soaking up the sun will do wonders for your health.

Father and daughter look at water at Learn to Fish session

Fishing is even a good work out! By the time you cast your line, wade through streams, walk to a new fishing spot, and reel in your fish, you’ve had quite the adventure. For more information about the health benefits of fishing, click here.

5. Share your passion

Learn to Fish attracts many newcomers who appreciate the extra knowledge shared by those who love to fish. There is always something new to learn which could be as simple as discovering a new place to fish in the area!

Interested in Learn to Fish? Contact one of the participating Ontario Park locations for scheduling or click here for a digital version. Remember all ages are welcome!

Check out any of the participating parks’ social media pages to get a sneak peek at programming and be sure to follow @FishWildlifeON to stay in the know!