Man on bench watching lake

Make nature a habit with Ontario Parks’ #30x30Challenge checklist!

Did you know that being regularly immersed in a natural setting – whether park, wetland or woodlot — boosts immunity while reducing blood pressure, anxiety and stress levels?

It’s time to make nature a habit!

Ontario Parks challenges you to spend 30 minutes in nature every day for 30 days.  By accepting the 30×30 challenge, you are committing to a healthy lifestyle!

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Ready to get started? Here’s 30 fun ways you can get closer to nature this August:

1. Watch the sun rise

 sunrise over a forest pond

2. Identify a species of bird you’ve never seen before

 hawk flying over trees

3. Discover a new trail

 Mother pushing stroller along forest trail

4. Go stargazing and learn new constellations

 campsite under night sky

5. Set-up a tent and go camping

 Family putting up tent

6. Paddle a boat

 woman paddling kayak

7. Take the dog for a walk

 Little girls hugging dog beside lake

8. Pack a picnic and eat outside

 Family eating at picnic table

9. Play in the mud


10. Discover shapes in the clouds

 Clouds over a lake during sunset

11. Build a sand castle

 Mother & son build sandcastle on beach

12. Plant a garden

 trilliums in forest

13. Take a meeting or a date outside

 Couple chatting on boardwalk

14. Have a BBQ with friends

 Friends bbqing at beach cottage

15. Rig a rod and go fishing

 Father and daughter fishing off dock

16. Listen to owls hoot

 Great Grey Owl

17. Watch a sunset

 Two people silhouetted in front of sunset

18. Visit your favourite swimming hole

 Kids playing on beach

19. Read outside

 Mature couple reading books

20. Perfect your cannonball into a lake

 People jumping off dock into lake

21. Kick or throw a ball around

 Boy & girl playing soccer

22. Sing songs and share stories around a campfire

 Musicians singing around campfire

23. Find a frog pond and listen

 Green frog on lilypad

24. Learn how to identify native species

 Women matching plant to picture in book

25. Go searching for interesting insects

 Kids exploring marsh with butterfly nets

26. Conquer a hike and take in the view

 Hikers overlooking lake

27. Hug a tree

 Mother holding toddler up to hug tree

28. Bike under the forest canopy

 Silhouettes of bikers in forest

29. Explore a cave

 Man exploring cave

30. Share nature with a friend

 People leaning over boardwalk to look in water

How are you spending your 30 minutes in nature?

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