10 reasons you should try spring camping

To many, camping brings visions of sunshine, the leaves trembling as the trees slowly sway in the wind, sand and waves gently crashing around your toes as you enjoy your days on the beach. Your face is flush with your first dose of spring sunshine and your ears are filled with the beautiful songs of migrating birds.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Here are our top ten reasons to try spring camping this season:

1. Hook, line and sinker

Whether you head into the backcountry to your “secret” lake or choose a lake along Highway 60, spring provides an amazing opportunity to enjoy Algonquin’s brook and lake trout fishing. However, when fishing in the spring, please always ensure parks haven’t delayed their opening dates and the ice is out.

Here are some tips to ensure you hook that perfect trout. If the fight of the walleye or pike floats your boat, you should set anchor at Sandbanks or Presqu’ile. Where will you be on opening day?

2. Birds of a feather

The saying ‘birds of a feather stick together,’ especially rings true during spring migration.  No matter your level of birding knowledge, spring is an amazing time to learn or check the next species off your life list.

Whether you are looking for a whimbrel, blackpoll warbler or a blue-headed vireo, Ontario’s provincial parks offers great locations to make this possible.  Many parks, including MacGregor Point, Rondeau, and Presqu’ile, have terrific birding events planned for spring.

3. Say Cheese

Are you looking for that perfect, vibrant shot? The greens are never greener than in the spring! Dig out that camera and show off your skills.

4. Spur of the moment

It was the longest. Friday. Ever.

So why not get away?  Spring is the perfect time for impromptu trips to your favourite provincial park. Generally, reservations are not needed and campgrounds will not be crowded.  However, if you prefer to reserve your campsite you can book most sites online or call our reservation line at 1-888-668-7275.

5. Long walks on the beach

Whether you rise or set with the sun, spring provides amazing scenery. Beaches are generally thought of as a summer location but you can enjoy the sanctity of a sunrise or sunset, on a brisk walk on a beach to yourself. Enjoy solitude this spring.

6. Hit refresh

Has winter left you sluggish? Spring is the perfect time to take in the fresh air and soak up some Vitamin D. Being active outside isn’t only fun but is proven to decrease stress and improve attention span. There are also a lot of physical benefits such as decreased blood pressure, increased weight loss and fitness, and lowers the risk of heart attacks, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

7. New life

Wildlife is always a positive reason to get out in nature, but spring is when you could see babies! Who doesn’t want to see cute little fuzzy creatures?  Whether you are seeing a shaky legged moose, fuzzy fledglings or tiny baby rabbits, animals are out in abundance in the spring.  And keep your eyes open: spring is a perfect time to see a moose family.

8. Surround yourself with the ones you love

Is it time to start a new tradition?  Get a group of family and/or friends together and enjoy your time camping together; plan some summer escapes. Partake in all the amazing activities, nature and spring presents to us and create new ever-lasting memories! Oh, did we mention it’s great memories with no bugs?

9. Walking through a forest of spring ephemerals

Ephemeral means quickly fading, and there is a group of beautiful spring wildflowers that do indeed quickly disappear. As you hike a forest in the spring, the sun beats all the way to the forest floor, allowing flowers like trilliums and yellow trout lilies to bloom. The sunshine is short-lived however, and is forced out by the leaves of the many canopies of shrubs and trees. Then it is time for these wildflowers to wilt away. Learn more about spring blooms here.

10. The roaring of a campfire

After venturing out in the wilderness on a brisk day, nothing seems to warm your fingers and toes like a campfire.  Don’t wait until the night to enjoy the rewards of building a fire, the cool days of spring give you a perfect excuse to have a campfire all day long!  Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a midday S’more?  Here are some tips to build a roaring campfire and ensure you get that perfectly gooey s’more.

Whether you celebrate Canadian Camping Week (May 23-28, 2017) or you steal an impromptu weekend getaway, we know you’ll fall in love with spring camping!