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W.J.B. Greenwood

What You'll Like :

Geological attractions in the park include examples of volcanic dikes from the Early Precambrian period and metamorphic hybrid minerals created from pressures deep within the earth’s crust. You might also spot some “felsic” igneous specimens. Felsic is a hybrid word referring to any light-coloured matter of igneous origin, part feldspar and part silica.

Park Facilities and Activities: Road access, parking, and trails to the water are the only facilities for visitors. Canoeing, swimming, and fishing are the recommended recreational activities.

Location: On Highway 11 about 110 km north of North Bay. Access via the Montreal River and Bay Lake, or by road off Highway 11 south of Latchford.

General Information

(705) 569-3205
Size: 465.00 ha
Year established: 1985
Park Classification: Recreational
24 Finlayson Park Road
P0H 2H0

Operating Dates


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