Turtle River-White Otter Lake

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The rugged landscape of Turtle River - White Otter Lake Provincial Park features some of the oldest rocks on earth. A large moraine and many Indigenous pictographs are also found within the park.

Park Facilities and Activities: There are no facilities. Backcountry canoeing and fishing are the main recreational activities. Turtle River is also sometimes referred to as Turtle River - White Otter Lake because the park is home of the “White Otter Castle” which was built by one man near the turn of the 19th century.

Location: 240 km northwest of Thunder Bay. Access by water only.

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General Information
(807) 597-2735
Size: 49294.00 ha
Year established: 1989
Park Classification: Waterway
108 Saturn Ave.
Box 2430
P0T 1C0
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