Sahkeesuhkuh Weesuhkaheegahn

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The geographic and landform characteristics of this area are unique. A series of parallel glacial ridges that stretch out into Pringle and Nungesser Lakes, known as a De Greer Moraine and, as ‘Backbone of the Land’ to the Pikangikum people, is a provincially significant life science feature. The watershed divide between the Berens and English River watersheds runs through Sahkeesuhkuh Weesuhkaheegahn. From Pringle Lake, waters flow northwards into the Berens watershed; from Nungesser Lake, waters flow southwards into the English River watershed. Indigenous people conduct various traditional activities on this land for livelihood and cultural purposes.

Location: In the southern portion of the Whitefeather Forest, extending northward from the shores of Nungesser Lake.

Park Facilities: There are no visitor facilities available.

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General Information
Size: 8873.00 ha
Year established: 2011
Park Classification: Unclassified
227 Howey Street
Box 5003
Red Lake
P0V 2M0
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