Red Sucker Point

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Along the shores of this nature reserve is a notable series of raised cobble beaches. Historic water levels of the lake, from ancient to modern times, are visible on the stones. At their greatest height, the beaches tower some 45 metres above the water. Ancient lichen communities thrive on some of the cobblestones. Also present are about 70 excavated rock structures attributed to historic and prehistoric peoples.

Park Facilities and Activities: There are no visitors’ facilities. Nature study and fishing are permitted but camping is not allowed.

Location: A point of the Lake Superior shore, about 10 km northwest of Marathon.

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Tread Lightly. Nature Reserve
General Information
(807) 825-3403
Size: 360.00 ha
Year established: 1985
Park Classification: Nature Reserve
Red Sucker Point Provincial Park P.O. Box 970
P0T 2J0
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