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Straddling the Manitoba border, this park supports a large concentration of wolverines. But the reason it has been protected as a wilderness park has more to do with its distinctive geology. A ridge of glacial till two kilometres wide rises 100 metres above its surroundings here. This is the Opasquia Moraine. On the sides of the moraine, wave-cut terraces and segments of raised shoreline indicate the former limit of glacial Lake Agassiz. The dominant tree species is spruce, growing alongside scattered poplar, tamarack, birch, and ash.

Park Facilities and Activities: There are no visitors’ facilities. However, white-water canoeing and wilderness trekking are available to those who are able to reach the park, which is accessible by air only.

Location: About 245 km north of Red Lake, along the Manitoba border.

General Information

(807) 727-1336
Size: 473000.00 ha
Year established: 1983
Park Classification: Wilderness
227 Howey Street, Floor 1
Red Lake
P0V 2M0

Operating Dates


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