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Lake Superior

Lake Superior

Park features on this map are representative only and may not accurately depict regulated park boundaries. For official map representation of provincial parks, visit Ontario's Crown Land Use Policy Atlas.

  • Lake Superior Park Office
    Latitude: 47.722989
    Longitude: -84.811803
  • Lake Superior Agawa Bay - Agawa Bay Campground
    Latitude: 47.3357
    Longitude: -84.615337
  • Lake Superior Cresent Lake - Crescent Lake Campground
    Latitude: 47.276292
    Longitude: -84.548239
  • Lake Superior Rabbit Blanket Lake - Rabbit Blanket Lake Campground
    Latitude: 47.753297
    Longitude: -84.825847
  • Lake Superior Old Woman Bay - Day Use Area
    Latitude: 47.790313
    Longitude: -84.89684
  • Lake Superior Agawa Rock Pictographs
    Latitude: 47.369967
    Longitude: -84.685643
  • Lake Superior Visitor Centre
    Latitude: 47.347637
    Longitude: -84.626752

Maps for Sale

Lake Superior Map

The Park Map ($10) shows the whole park at a scale of 1:100,000. The reverse side has a more detailed view of the coastal section of the park, at 1:63,360. The map shows campsites, hiking trails, portage lengths and points of interest. The park map can be ordered by calling the park office at 705-856-2284.

Park Maps (pdf)

Park Overview - pdf

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