Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater

Backcountry Camping

The parks does not take reservations as many of the routes see few people. Some sections and campsites can be busy, however, especially on the lakes leading to Maple Mountain (Tupper and Hobart) and the three waterfalls on the North Channel of the Lady Evelyn River leading into Sucker Gut Lake – Franks Falls, Centre Falls and Helen Falls.

As a wilderness class park, Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater has special rules for camping. There is a can and bottle ban, so all foodstuffs must be carried in other types of containers. All garbage must be packed out. Camping is only permitted on authorized campsites. Campfires must be kept to existing fire pits to reduce the impact on the site and reduce the risk of forest fires. Campfires must be put out completely, dowsed with water, at the end of each day and before leaving your campsite.

Please Note: Permits are required for all overnight backcountry camping.  For a list of best locations to obtain permits, please contact the park directly.