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This backcountry park is a massive tract of James Bay lowlands, following the Kesagami River for about 80 kilometres, almost to its mouth. One of the most northerly parks in the province, Kesagami is just south of the tree line. Stunted black spruce and the occasional balsam, fir, and larch tree are scattered about the terrain which is frozen for much of the year. A low kame—a short ridge of sand and gravel deposited from the water of a melting glacier—is one of several signs of glacial action here. Other natural features are peat cliffs, pillars, and caves created by the erosion of the organic soil mat. The park is home to moose, bear, wolf, otters and martens. Woodland caribou reside around Kesagami Lake.

Park Facilities and Activities: There is a commercial lodge in the park.

Canoeing, camping, and fishing are permitted here. Hunting is not.

Location: About 72 kilometres southeast of Moosonee. Accessible only by water or float plane via James Bay, Hanna Bay, or the Harricanaw River which leads into the Kesagami River.

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General Information
Size: 55977.00 ha
Year established: 1983
Park Classification: Wilderness
Northeast Zone P.O. Box 730 2 Third Ave.
P0L 1C0
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