Grassy River-Mond Lake Lowlands and Ferris Lake Uplands

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The Grassy River - Mond Lake Lowlands include a variety of topography from lowland wetlands to ridges and upland areas. The Ferris Lake Uplands are comprised of decidusous and mixed forest with exposed bedrock and cliff communities.

Location: The park is located in the townships of Mond, Kemp, Sothman and Halliday, 27 kilometres north of the community of Shining Tree.

Park Facilities: There are no visitor facilities available. The Grassy River is a documented canoe route recommended for canoeists with intermediate to advanced skills.

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Tread Lightly. Nature Reserve
General Information
Size: 2602.00 ha
Year established: 2005
Park Classification: Nature Reserve
2 - 4 Highway 11, South
P0L 1C0
Operating Dates

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