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Foy Provincial Park is located on Round Lake directly across from Bonnechere Provincial Park. Much of Foy consists of high granite and quartz upland covered in stately forests of old White Pine, Oak, Aspen and Birch, as well as dark groves of Eastern Hemlock. The park’s beach is made up of fine sand from the delta of a great spillway that drained glacial meltwater from the Algonquin Highlands. Evidence of a long gone ancient lake lies etched and deposited along Foy’s shoreline.

Park Facilities and Activities: The 48 ha non-operating park is gated.

Camping is not allowed, but backcountry hiking and shoreline activities such as swimming and picnicking are permitted.

Visitors are encouraged to contact the Park Superintendent at Bonnechere Provincial Park for information if you wish to visit the park.

Location: Red Rock Road, County Road 58 (old Highway 62), 40 km. southwest of Pembroke.

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General Information
(613) 757-2103
Size: 147.30 ha
Year established: 1985
Park Classification: Recreational
Bonnechere Provincial Park PO Box 220
K8A 6X4
Operating Dates

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