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Bass Lake

Bass Lake Provincial Park

Car Camping

Bass Lake’s car camping consists of four different campgrounds: Lakeview, Eastside, Cedar, and Hilltop. Each campground has access to washrooms and three of our four campgrounds have a shower building located inside the campground. Lakeview is a non-electrical campground. There is a fully serviced washroom and shower building located in this campground with smaller washrooms located throughout.

Cedar Campground is also a non-electrical campground and is the closest campground to our day use and waterfront area. This campground does not have a shower building but does have vault washrooms located close by. Showers can be accessed in adjacent campgrounds.

Hilltop Campground is features both electrical and non-electrical campsites.  This campground has access to the shower building in Eastside Campground and has washrooms located throughout.

Eastside Campground is a fully electrical campground and campsites #5 and #6 are barrier free and reservable.