Barron River

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This park includes Lower Barron Canyon, stretching along the river outside of Algonquin Park. Around 8,000 years ago the canyon filled to the brim with glacial meltwater as it drained the Great Lakes Basin. The granite cliffs continue to support plants that are relicts from that era. The plants are more at home in the sub arctic, but find the right growing conditions in the cracks, crevices and cool microclimate of the cliff environment. Dry upland forests of red and white pine can be found along the cliffsides. The portion of the river closest to Algonquin Park is bordered by scenic mature, white pine forest on flatter terrain. This section of the river is popular for canoeing and fishing.

Location: Barron River Provincial Park runs from the eastern boundary of Algonquin Park following the watercourse of the Barron River through McKay Township and into Petawawa Township.

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General Information
(613) 757-2103
Size: 539.00 ha
Year established: 2006
Park Classification: Waterway
c/o Bonnechere
4024 Round Lake Road
K0J 2A0
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