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Parc Provincial Algonquin

Alertes et avis en date du : 1 octobre 2023

Interdiction de faire des feux

No firebans at this time

Il n’y a pas d’interdiction de faire des feux en ce moment.

AlertAvis de faire bouillir l’eau

There is a boil water advisory - The following drinking water systems are posted BOIL WATER ADVISORY. Tap water must be boiled for one full minute prior to drinking, preparing food or baby formula, and brushing teeth:

Rock Lake/ Raccoon Lake Campgrounds (2023-08-07)

HWY60 Trailer Dump & Fill (2023-09-14)

The following systems are posted DO NOT DRINK. Visitors must not consume the water.

Tea Lake (2023-09-24)

Blue-green Algae (2023-09-28)

Park has received reports of suspect blue-green algae on Smoke Lake. Users of the lake should be aware that water drawn in the vicinity of suspect algae should NOT BE USED for any purpose including drinking, washing, bathing, etc. Please ensure that pets are not consuming or swimming in any areas of concern.

Résultats d’échantillonnage de l’eau des plages

Nom de la plage Date de l’échantillon Résultats (E. Coli / 100 ml)
Achray - East August 14, 2023 no
Achray - West August 21, 2023 no
Canisbay Campground "A" August 28, 2023 no
Canisbay Day Use "B" August 28, 2023 no
East Beach August 28, 2023 no
Kearney Lake August 28, 2023 no
Kiosk Access August 14, 2023 no
Mew Lake August 31, 2023 no
Pog Lake A August 29, 2023 no
Pog Lake C August 29, 2023 no
Pog Lake C August 29, 2023 no
Raccoon Lake August 29, 2023 no
Rock Lake A August 29, 2023 no
Rock Lake B August 29, 2023 no
Tea Lake Camp. August 28, 2023 no
Two Rivers Camp. August 28, 2023 no
Two Rivers Picnic August 31, 2023 no
Whitefish GC August 29, 2023 no
Liste complète de toutes les plages

Avis de parcs

Il n'y a pas d'avis de parc pour le moment.