Alerts and Advisories as of: July 23, 2019

Fire Bans

No firebans at this time

There are no fire restrictions at this time.

Boil Water Advisory

There is a boil water advisory - Several Boil Water Advisories are in effect in Algonquin Provincial Park.

Buildings located at Canoe Lake are on a boil water advisory, including the Portage Store, permit office, comfort station and other building at canoe lake.

Lake of Two Rivers continues to be on a Boil Water Advisory, including Lake of Two Rivers campground, and the Mew Lake Campground.

Updated July 19, 2019

A “boil water” advisory means that water used for drinking, brushing teeth, making ice, reconstituting fruit juice and infant formula, and washing fruits, vegetables, and dishes should be brought to a rolling boil it for at least one minute. Alternatively, you may prefer to use commercially bottled water or access water at other campgrounds within Algonquin Provincial Park.

Boiling water for at least one FULL minute will kill any harmful microorganisms that may be present in the water.

Beach Posting

No beach posting at this time

There is no beach posting at this time.

Beach Sampling Results

Beach Name Sample Date Results (E.Coli / 100ml)
Achray June 24, 2019 10
Canisbay Campground "A" July 15, 2019 no
Canisbay Day Use "B" July 15, 2019 no
Coon Lake July 15, 2019 no
East Beach July 15, 2019 no
Kearney Lake July 15, 2019 no
Kiosk Access July 15, 2019 no
Mew Lake July 15, 2019 no
Pog Lake A July 15, 2019 no
Pog Lake C July 15, 2019 no
Rock Lake A July 15, 2019 no
Rock Lake B July 15, 2019 no
Tea Lake Camp. July 15, 2019 no
Two Rivers Camp. July 15, 2019 no
Two Rivers Picnic July 15, 2019 no
Whitefish GC July 15, 2019 no
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Park Advisories

Forest Management log hauling on the Opeongo Lake Rd.

Logging trucks will be travelling on Opeongo Lake Rd, from Highway 60 to Cameron Lake Road which is approximately 3 km in length. The hauling will be occurring Mon-Fri, from early-July to late October. Park visitors may encounter log trucks on this section of the road and will see lower speed limits posted during this time period. Please drive with caution.

Parking for the Highland Backpacking trail has been temporarily moved to the Old Railway Bike Trail parking lot in the Mew Lake Campground.

Access Point 25 – Wendigo Lake: 4-wheel drive access only or 1km portage to access point.

The fourth loop of the Minnesing Mountain Bike Trail (Callighen's Corners Loop) is currently closed.