Learn to Camp

What our Graduates are Saying about the Program


“What we experienced far exceeded our expectations. Right from pitching our tent to preparing food and what to expect in a campsite environment, everything was explained beautifully by our instructor.”

“I can’t even express in words how fabulous this experience was. It was our first time camping and we had an absolute blast…You not only provided us with a fun filled weekend, you have turned us into campers!!!”

“Can’t say enough good things about the program. It was a perfect intro to camping for our young kids…I’m not one to usually gush about something or even bother filling out a survey but I really wanted to do this because I had such a great time.”

“It is an awesome program. I used to camp in my home country but never had the experience in Canada and we were a bit afraid of it…”

“Excellent Program. I have always wanted to go camping since I arrived in Canada, but the whole idea of the equipment/kitchen etc. was intimidating. When I stumbled upon this program, I went for it right away and loved every minute of it. No denying that I am now fully “initiated” into camping…Thank you so much for making this such a wonderful experience.”

“We went from novice…..Moderately experienced and comfortable to being independent. ...The outdoors thanks to your program has a created a whole new world. Thank you from my family…....summers do not mean a trip overseas…..your backyard Ontario is more than good enough.”

“As a single mom that has never really camped, this was the perfect way to safely learn and it allowed me to give my son this experience. I think we have learned enough that we can camp on our own. I don’t believe that I would have taken him camping without this program. Thank you for giving us that opportunity.”