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Ontario Parks

Camping with Dogs

Many families choose to bring their pet camping. As the owner, it is important to take responsibility for your dog:

  • Keep dog on a leash (less than 2 metres) at all times. This is required by park regulation.
  • Pick up and dispose of your dog’s waste in the garbage. Parks often have free dog waste bags available.
  • Keep your dog from chasing/harassing wildlife.
  • Use designated ‘dog beaches’ only for swimming (if available)
  • Pets are not permitted to make excessive noise or disturb others; if your dog is a ‘barker’, avoid the stress and consider not bringing Fido on this trip!
  • Pets are not permitted in park buildings.
  • If bugs are bothering your dog, put bug spray on a bandana not on the dog’s fur; this will keep them from licking off the bug spray which could make them sick.
  • Bringing your dog is not a solution to avoid wildlife confrontations: dogs can actually attract the attention of wildlife.
  • Not all campgrounds allow dogs - check the park regulations before reserving your site. Use the park locator tool to find parks with designated pet exercise areas.


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