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Goulash Soup

By: Tibox Pesti


  • bacon (in small pieces) – 200g
  • onion (diced) – 1
  • meat (beef) cubed – 500g
  • tomato paste – 1Tbsp
  • carrot diced – 2
  • potato diced – 2
  • salt, pepper, paprika


  1. Fry bacon and onion.
  2. Add meat and cook until seared.
  3. Cover with water and add paprika.
  4. Cook until meat is tender.
  5. Add carrots and cook for 10 min, then add potatoes and tomato paste.
  6. Add salt and pepper and paprika to taste.


  • You can add pasta and a little bit of cumin for a stronger flavour. It is a great meal for a cold night!


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