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Sewage System Inspection Fact Sheet

As outlined in section 4.3 of the Algonquin Provincial Park Cottage Lot Policy (2018-2038), all sewage systems on the cottage lot must be inspected by at least December 31, 2020. Sewage inspections must be conducted by a qualified inspector using the Sewage System Inspection Requirements and Report Form (click HERE for the form). Further, all sewage systems within 15 metres of the water’s edge (at spring water levels) and all off-lot sewage systems must be removed or relocated in accordance with the applicable limits, conditions and standards in the Algonquin Provincial Park Management Plan (as amended). It is also important to note that all cottage lots must have an appropriate sewage system or systems to deal with both human waste and grey water.

If you know of any deficiencies with your sewage system(s) (i.e., the Ministry has identified issues) or have one or more sewage systems that are situated less than 15 metres from the water’s edge, you may want to address these issues prior to obtaining your sewage inspection. Any deficiencies revealed during your sewage inspection will have to be re-inspected once you remedy them. Contact the Algonquin Cottage Lot Program to discuss.

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