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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question #1 :

    Is camping available at Ontario Parks?

  • Answer:

    Ontario Parks is open for overnight stays on campground and backcountry campsites and in roofed accommodations including cabins, yurts and cottages. COVID-19 measures, modifications and restrictions may apply.

  • Question #2 :

    How do I know what facilities or activities are available at the operating provincial park I wish to visit?

  • Answer:

    Please click on the individual park page for the park you wish to visit for a list of facilities and activities that are being offered in each location.

  • Question #3 :

    Can I make future reservations for the 2023 camping season?

  • Answer:

    Ontario Parks accepts future reservations 5 months in advance of your arrival date.

    Please continue to visit and Ontario Parks social media channels for the most up-to-date information.

  • Question #4 :

    What if I would like to cancel my future reservation due to the uncertainty?

  • Answer:

    At this time, normal reservation and penalty fees apply. For more information on our cancellation policy please visit our Reservation Penalty page.

  • Question #5 :

    What’s the difference between a non-operating park or conservation reserve and an operating park?

  • Answer:

    Non-operating provincial parks and conservation reserves offer limited recreational experiences, limited access, fewer facilities and generally no dedicated staff or fee collection. Operating parks offer a variety of services and facilities, such as campground camping, roofed accommodations, washrooms, and Discovery programs, and charge fees.

    Please visit the Park Locator to find a provincial park or conservation reserve near you.

  • Question #6 :

    What precautions will be put in place to keep your public washrooms clean?

  • Answer:

    Priority for cleaning and disinfection is placed on high-touch surfaces in public areas including washrooms and other shared facilities. These areas will be cleaned and disinfected a minimum of once per day and more frequently when soiled.