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Overnight Hiking – Go the Distance

Whether you’re looking for a coastal setting on the eastern shores of Lake Superior or the scenic views rewarded from hiking the Algonquin dome surrounded by towering white pine, Ontario Parks has a fitting experience for you.

Peer into some itinerary ideas on the Park Blog. Appropriate route planning will make for the most enjoyable backcountry experience. For backcountry maps and assistance planning your trip, visit the park store or call the park for information.

Parks that offer Overnight Hiking

Park Trail Name Trail Length (km) Trail Rating Trail Type
Algonquin Eastern Pines 6-15 Intermediate Loop
Algonquin Highlands 19-35 Intermediate Loop
Algonquin Western Uplands 32-88 Intermediate Loop
Bon Echo Abes and Essens Lake 17 Intermediate Linear
Charleston Lake Tallow Rock Bay 1-10 Intermediate Loop
Esker Lakes Trappers 9-20 Intermediate Loop
Frontenac Arkon Lake 11 Beginner Loop
Frontenac Big Salmon Lake 17 Intermediate Loop
Frontenac Little Clear Lake 7 Intermediate Loop
Frontenac Gibson Lake 9 Intermediate Loop
Frontenac Tetsmine Lake 10 Intermediate Loop
Frontenac Cedar Lake 14 Intermediate Loop
Frontenac Slide Lake 21 Advanced Loop
Halfway Lake Hawk Ridge 15 Advanced Loop
Killarney La Cloche Silhouette 80 Advanced Loop
Lake Superior Peat Mountain 11 Intermediate Loop
Lake Superior Coastal 65 Advanced Linear
Lake Superior Towab 12 Advanced Linear
Mississagi MacKenzie 22 Advanced Loop
Sleeping Giant Burma 11.4 Intermediate Linear
Sleeping Giant Sawyer Bay 5.7 Intermediate Linear
Sleeping Giant Twin Pine 4.4 Intermediate Linear
Sleeping Giant Finlay Bay 5 Intermediate Linear
Sleeping Giant Talus 6 Advanced Linear
Sleeping Giant Kabeyun 37 Advanced Linear