Yurts truly… Bronte Creek

Macgregor Point has 12. Algonquin has 8. Quetico has 2. And now, Bronte Creek has 3. What are they? Yurts, of course!

Bronte Creek is the latest provincial park to offer yurts for rent. If you’re not familiar with a yurt, it’s a round, portable dwelling, believed to have originated in Turkey. While yurts in other countries may use different construction materials, the ones at Ontario Parks are metal or wood-frame structures, about 5 metres in diameter, with domed roofs and fabric outer shells.

They’re mounted on wooden decks, with plywood floors. Ontario Parks yurts are equipped with 2 sets of bunkbeds, a table and chairs, heat, lights, windows and lockable doors. A propane barbecue, picnic table and fire pit are located outside the yurt. Yurts can accommodate four adults or a family of six. They’re very popular with campers. They’re available for $75 per night

For information on how to reserve a yurt at Bronte Creek or any of the other provincial parks where they’re available, you can go to OntarioParks.com and click on reservations, or call 1-888-ONT-PARK ~ or (519) 826-5290 if you’re outside North America.

For information about other Ontario Parks that offer yurts for rent, click here.

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  1. I am quite concerned about environmental effects of building the roofed accommodations which seem to be growing in popularity among Ontario Parks. Maybe yurts are a happy medium between campsites and cabins?

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