Wings of spring!

You will remember our earlier blog posting about Wings of Spring at Rondeau Provincial Park.Wings of Spring at Rondeau Provincial Park.

This past weekend, The Friends of Rondeau held their annual celebration of the spring migration of waterfowl and Tundra swans. Unfortunately nature doesn’t always pay attention to dates. Rondeau Bay was almost completely frozen on the first day of the festival which meant no Tundra swans. The bay thawed overnight and some early park visitors were delighted to see five Tundra swans and a few Canvasback ducks, Mallards and Long-tailed ducks. But despite the lack of birds, the weekend was still a great success. The Rondeau Park Visitor Centre had over 1,000 people through its doors!

The birdhouse building was very well attended and the Rondeau Bay Waterfowlers spent all of Saturday night cutting more birdhouse kits for the next day.
We were lucky to have some very talented local artisans at the festival selling their beautiful products; from handmade soap to pictures made from beach glass.
One of the highlights of the weekend was the bird of prey show. We were very pleased to have Sam and Laura from the Ontario Falconry Centre with us to demonstrate the amazing abilities of falcons, hawks, eagles and owls. The show was very informative and you could even get your picture taken with the eight month old Bald eagle!

We would like to thank the Friends of Rondeau and the Rondeau Bay Waterfowler’s Association for making the Wings of Spring such a huge success! Thank you also to all the volunteers who helped with children’s crafts, viewing stations and so much more. But the biggest thank you goes to all of our visitors who braved the chilly weather to spend the weekend with us!

There is still a lot of spring bird watching at Rondeau! The Tundra swans have left the area. They are heading further north on their way to the Arctic. But there are many other species of waterfowl in the bay right now… including Canvasbacks, Buffleheads, Long-tailed ducks and Mallards. Happy spring!