Where to Pitch Your Tent in Ontario

In a current survey done by Globe Travel, readers were asked where their favourite place is to pitch a tent in Canada. From the many responses that came in, two of Ontario’s very own provincial parks made the top list; Long Point and Killarney.

Long Point Provincial Park is located two hours southwest of Toronto and runs along the shoreline of Lake Erie. This park is a birdwatcher’s heaven in the fall and spring months. Long Point is a rest stop for 321 different species of waterfowl! Not only is it a stopover for waterfowl, but it is also a nesting ground for as many as seven species of turtles.

You can enjoy one of the parks 253 campsites, which includes 101 electrical sites. All sites are within a five minute walk to the beautiful shallow sandy beach that is perfect for families.

After a family swim you can enjoy the parks southern shore enriched with low ridges and dunes covered with sedge, trees and prairie grass. Feeling a little adventurous? Be sure to explore the parks north side, which is the bridge between the land and marshes.

Whether you are new to the camping scene or looking for adventure, Killarney Provincial Park is the park for you. Killarney is located approximately five hours north of Toronto. Considered one of Ontario Parks’ jewels, this magnificent wilderness of lakes and jack pine ridges captivated the Group of Seven artists. This famous group of artists persuaded the Canadian government to make it a park.

Killarney has accommodations for everyone. Enjoy one of 126 car campsites or one of the parks 170 interior sites. Take a hike on the parks beautiful granite trails that lead you to lookouts over Georgian Bay and the La Cloche Mountains.

If you’re lucky you will see some of the parks spectacular wildlife such as moose, deer, wolves, bobcats and beavers. Not only can you see the big animals, but also more than 20 species of reptiles and amphibians and over 100 species of bird make Killarney their home. You just cannot get wilder than that!

If you are looking for time away from your busy life but not really into pitching your own tent, than look no further. Killarney is one of nine provincial parks that offer yurts. These canvas roofed accommodations are mounted on a wooden deck and sleep up to six people.

Be sure to visit these parks along with other Ontario Parks this summer. For reservations call 1-888-668-7275 or visit http://www.ontarioparks.com/english/reservations.html . Make your summer vacation a memorable one!