Water and Boating Safety Tips from BOATsmart!

If you’ve ever visited one of Ontario’s more than 330 Provincial Parks, you already know that the scenery is nothing short of spectacular. Every square inch of it–the pristine forests, the vibrant sunsets, the cozy campsites and of course, the sparkling lakes. Many visitors take in these views from the seat of a fishing boat, while they paddle along shore in a canoe, or while they hang out on the beach with their family.

Have you experienced this? Was everyone wearing life jackets when on the water? Did you have a boat license when you were fishing with your kids in that motorboat?


Stay Safe at the Lake!

With summer weather on the doorstep, parks opening up for the season and North America’s Safe Boating Week campaign in full swing, BOATsmart! would like to encourage Ontario Parks visitors to practice water and boating safety. Have fun with your family and enjoy your time at the lake this summer but always keep the following safety tips in mind when you’re around the water:


Boating at Ontario Parks!

There are 15 million boaters in Canada–and 6.3 million of these boaters are in Ontario! That’s a lot of people hitting the waterways! If you’re one of these boaters, you’ll be interested to know that Ontario’s provincial parks offer access to many recreational boating waterways! What’s really cool is if you purchase a Summer Season Permit, you will have unlimited day-use access to ANY of Ontario’s beautiful Parks–many of which have boat launches!

So, whether you’re boating, fishing, swimming or just taking in the view from the shore, make sure that water and boating safety is a priority this summer for you and for everyone else in your boat, at the beach or on the dock.

Have a FUN and SAFE summer Ontario!