Trick or Treat at Ontario Parks

Did you know that Halloween is a big tradition at Ontario Parks every October? The tradition started at parks located along the lower Great Lakes where fall temperatures are milder.  But parks like Emily Provincial Park ( near Peterborough)  and Algonquin Provincial Park  are starting to see this tradition take root at their parks. 


Campers decorate their campsites. Kids dress up in their favourite Halloween costumes and go trick or treating on campground loops. Park staff host different activities that dispel myths about creatures often associated with Halloween.

Trick or Treaters at Point Farms Provincial Park

 In 2013, lots of activities are planned in every provincial park with Halloween celebrations. Highlights include Bronte Creek Provincial Park’s  guided spooky night hike which has a coyote howl planned. At The Pinery on Lake Huron, there’s a prize for the best Pinery-themed   campsite scarecrow. Point Farms Provincial Park  which is also on Lake Huron, has a pumpkin-carving contest for kids and a chili and baking cook-off for “big kids”. In Niagara region, families can find out about the mysterious world of bats and join a Costume Campfire Night at Rock Point Provincial Park . The popular Scavenger Hunt is back at Witches in the Woods, MacGregor Point Provincial Park’s  annual Halloween event on Lake Huron.  Halloween in Algonquin features special Owl Prowls and Wolf Howls and creepy crawly wiener dogs and marshmallow roasts!  And be sure to join the tradition at our newest addition to this fun season – Emily Provincial Park, where you’ll find lots of special activities planned.


Halloween dates and activities differ each year at each park so be sure to check the Ontario Parks’ Calendar of Events for details.