Top Ten Reasons to Give Ontario Parks Passes as Holiday Gifts

Annual Permit 400Got somebody on your gift list who’s hard to buy for? We have we got a suggestion for you! Ontario Parks Passes. That’s right. Our park vehicle permits for 2006 are on sale now.

These colourful vehicle passes will let a driver, his or her vehicle and its occupants into all 110 of Ontario’s operating provincial parks throughout 2006, for the bargain price of $110 for an annual pass. Winter passes are $50 and Summer passes are $70. Get ’em now, before the price goes up! And if that’s not a good enough reason to stuff a park permit in somebody’s stocking, here are:

The Top Ten Reasons an Ontario Parks Pass Makes a Perfect Gift:

10) It’s cheaper than a health club membership
9) It doesn’t need batteries
8)It’s easy to wrap
7)It’s better than a session with the therapist
6)No assembly required.
5)Contains no fat, no cholesterol and no calories
4)One size fits all
3)Gives your relatives 110 places to visit — other than your house
2) Lasts almost as long as Aunt Shirley’s fruitcake

and the TOP reason an Ontario Parks Pass makes a perfect gift:

1) The scenery and tranquility at our provincial parks offer a true sense of “peace on earth”.

You can order Ontario Parks passes, by clicking here to visit the Park Store.

Ontario Parks wishes all of our visitors the best of the season, and we look forward to seeing you in 2006!

Summer Permit 2006