The Woodland Caribou- A Symbol of Ontario’s North

It is not surprising that Robert Bateman chose the woodland caribou as a subject to paint for Ontario Parks. This secretive dweller of the boreal forest is truly a creature of the north. Anyone who sees one of these magnificent creatures in the wild should consider themselves very lucky.
Woodland caribou inhabit the brutal cold climates of northern forests across North America. Caribou require large undisturbed areas of mature, coniferous forest. In Ontario, half of the woodland caribou habitat has been lost due to logging and urban and industrial development. The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada has designated the woodland caribou as a threatened species.

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park is a true northern wilderness where nature still rules. It is so remote that canoe trippers and sport fishing enthusiasts can reach its backcountry campsites and outpost lodges only by water or air. This weathered Arctic watershed, once travelled by fur traders, is home to the woodland caribou, howling wolves, soaring eagles, ancient pictographs, solitude and adventure.