The best kept secrets about winter at Killarney … and other cool things

Killarney Provincial Park boasts some of the most pristine, unspoiled scenery in the world, with its wild Georgian Bay landscapes and white quartzite ridges along the beautiful La Cloche Mountains.

With winter upon us and the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to experience some of the cooler things (literally) at Killarney that may have escaped you, check them out first in our newest video ‘Cool Things in Killarney’.  For instance, how about winter camping, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, bird watching or even stargazing at the only observatory and astronomy program in Ontario Parks? The stargazing is perhaps the coolest thing of all at Killarney. The night skies are very dark at Killarney during the winter so there are billions and billions of stars to see.

“The reason Killarney is so cool in the winter is it gives visitors an opportunity to see the park from a completely different point of view because of the change in season,” says Killarney Superintendent Jeremy Pawson. “Whether campers want a little more of a challenge by camping in the snow or other visitors simply want a great place to cross country ski, snowshoe or stargaze, Killarney really does have it all.”

5 cool things to do at Killarney this winter

  1. Camp under the stars. Channel your inner survivalist by pitching a tent outside at a campsite or rent a Yurt for the best of both worlds. Imagine returning from a day of snowshoeing or cross-country skiing and making a fire for some hot chocolate, munchies or your supper? Great for beginners or hard-core campers. Park staff can help you plan.  To find what dates are available for yurts, use the Ontario Parks Reservation Service.  All campsites are first come first served.
  2. Commune with your long johns. With the right clothing and footwear, spending time outdoors in a beautiful park like Killarney can be downright spiritual, not to mention invigorating. As long as you’re warm and comfortable, breathing in that cool, fresh winter air is truly a Canadian experience that is not to be missed.
  3. Stargaze. Killarney offers training in nighttime stargazing using its automated telescope and observatory. Bring the kids and have them certified as junior stargazers. This will take place at their winter activity weekend on Feb 13-16! The kids will want to come back again and again!   Although, on any night you will be able to enjoy the amazing stars without a telescope, while listening to the peaceful sounds of nature.
  4. Increase your lifespan. Er, we know this sounds a bit dramatic but when you think about it, trudging through the snow is hard work, even if you’re just walking. Exercise gets the heart pumping and as the experts say, it also boosts our mood, builds our immune system and helps prevent disease. Who knew something as simple as walking through the woods could do so much? Plus, it’s kinda fun, too.
  5. Participate in the Christmas Bird Count. Winter is one of the best times for bird watching as there are fewer birds and no leaves on the trees so the birds are way easier to spot. Killarney’s annual Christmas Bird Count is a must-do, even for budding bird watchers with little or no experience. All you need is snowshoes (you can rent them), warm clothing, a light lunch and warm drink, a pair of binoculars (or good camera lens), a notepad or smart phone app. There are experts on hand to help. Why not rent a cozy Yurt as well so you can review your photos shiver-free and enjoy a beautiful evening afterwards?

Prove how Canadian you really are by winterizing your spare time and heading to Killarney for some winter fun. Guaranteed, your body, mind and soul will thank you. And so will your kids!

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