Thanks for the memories! Part 2

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When I was growing up, my parents, brother and sister would visit Presqu’ile during the off-season. The park was quiet, but full of deer. We would walk around the loop in search of deer for hours at a time. When we found one, we could get quite close to it and we would have our picture taken with them. After a long afternoon of deer searching, we would head to the day use area and have a picnic lunch and roast marshmallows over a small fire. Our family still talks about our trips to Presqu’ile. I hope every family has the opportunity to experience Presqu’ile as our family has.
Kim Andrew
Brighton, Ontario

Peaceful and quiet. Beautiful. Stress-free. This is what camping is all about for us, out in the bush with nature and not a worry in the world. We love the outdoors and go camping every summer for our anniversary. We go to Arrowhead. It is a very nice place to camp. It has everything you need. The falls are beautiful. It’s a must see. Ontario Parks are the best. We plan on visiting all the rest in the years to come.
Karen Damiani
Barrie, Ontario

Some days, the portages were long and difficult. But our Quetico canoe trip literally gave me the chance to watch my 13-year-old son grow up in front of my eyes. Whenever we look at our maps and retrace the route, identifying the sites where we camped, the portages that tried to kill us, the moose, bear and wolf tracks, I’m reminded of one of the best vacations my son and I ever had.
John Moore
Westminster, Colorado

Mississagi Provincial Park, just north of Elliot Lake Ontario, is my favourite provincial park to camp in. We have camped there every year for the last 5 years. It’s a great place to take the kids and just relax. Scenic walking trails take you by ruins of old copper mines and logging camps and if you keep your eyes open you can see old foundations of buildings that once stood there. My favourite time is at night. We sit around a campfire and listen to loons calling and wolves howling. A wonderful park to make wonderful family memories.
Lynda Worthington
Orangeville, Ontario

The memories of Algonquin Park that I cherish the most are those of discovery… of new scenes and new moments that are unique for me and for those I share the moment with. Algonquin’s beauty, wilderness and tranquility provide its environment with natural healing powers.
Barry Bridgeford
Aurora, Ontario

More coming soon in part 3!