Resource field crews: coming to a northern park near you

This post comes from MaryJane Moses, Resource Stewardship Coordinator in the Northwest Zone of Ontario Parks.

You may have encountered Ontario Parks staff during your visits.

They’re friendly, and will provide customer service, perform routine maintenance duties, and hold Natural Heritage Education programs in our campground parks.

But have you met any of our Northwest Zone resource stewardship team members yet?

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Quetico’s 2017 science projects

When many people think about Quetico, they envision backcountry camping or paddling splendor. Today’s post from Brian Jackson, Park Biologist, highlights Quetico’s important scientific work.

It’s been another busy year for science studies and monitoring in Quetico Provincial Park.

The following highlights just a few of the projects carried out this past summer:

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A scientist’s work is never done!

It’s hard to believe there could be new populations of species discovered these days, especially in a busy Provincial Park such as Sandbanks, but Scott Reid, an aquatic endangered species research scientist with the MNRF, and his team did!

While studying the Pugnose Shiner, a fish species at risk, MNRF staff stumbled upon a species least expected; the Eastern Sand Darter.  These small benthic fish are found scurrying along the sandy bottoms in search for benthic invertebrates such as midge and blackfly larvae and crustaceans.

Photo Credit: Alan Dextrase

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