10 reasons you should try spring camping

To many, camping brings visions of sunshine, the leaves trembling as the trees slowly sway in the wind, sand and waves gently crashing around your toes as you enjoy your days on the beach. Your face is flush with your first dose of spring sunshine and your ears are filled with the beautiful songs of migrating birds.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Here are our top ten reasons to try spring camping this season:

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Rondeau staff gave Santa a helping hand over the holidays

This past December, Rondeau Provincial Park‘s enforcement staff took part in a very special community event. Park Superintendent Brad Connor shares the story.

When a good friend and colleague of mine invited the Rondeau enforcement staff participate in the 2015 Shop With A Cop Event, I confess I had no clue what he was talking about.

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Where’s Charlotte’s winter web?

Today’s post comes from Pilar Manorome, a natural heritage education specialist from Rondeau Provincial Park.

spider web
Anybody home?

While you’re cuddled up on the couch with your favourite book and a big cup of hot chocolate, have you ever wondered where our eight-legged friends spend the cold winter months? Well, I’ve got the answers to your winter-time ponderings.

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Winter events at Ontario Parks

Ontario Parks host the BEST winter events!

We’re starting the season with a December Victorian Christmas celebration at Oakville’s Bronte Creek Provincial Park, and wrapping up winter with a late March Candlelight Ski and Tea at northwestern Ontario’s Quetico Provincial Park.

And there’s lots going on in between.

We’ve highlighted a sample of what’s planned. For a complete listing, visit our Calendar of Events.

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Reptile Day at Rondeau Provincial Park

For the past two years, Rondeau Provincial Park hosted “Turtle Day.” But that left out many of our coolest cold-blooded critters!

This year, we’re expanding Turtle Day to appreciate ALL of our unique reptile species, from snakes to skinks.

Reptile Day unfolds this Saturday, August 22. Meet us at the Bayside picnic shelter at 10:00 AM.
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Soundscapes from across Ontario

 One of my favourite signs is from a lookout over the Grand Canyon.  It simply says,

It is something that I hope you will do often when you visit our parks or other natural areas in Ontario.  But how about this variation?

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March Break 2015 at Ontario Parks

Here’s what’s on during March Break and on March weekends at Ontario Parks in 2015.

Check the Ontario Parks Ski Report for the latest snow conditions. http://www.ontarioparks.com/skireport

For more information on March Break events check here: www.ontarioparks.com/events

At The Pinery, the Visitor Centre will be open and Natural Heritage Education programs offered daily during March Break and on March weekends. On March 21 from 10:30 – 12:00, a special workshop for parents and grandparents will give new strategies for exploring the natural world with children. Hands-on kids activities will also be available. More park event information including the return of the Tundra swans is on the Friends of Pinery website www.pinerypark.on.ca/

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Riding the waves in Ontario Parks

Riding the waves in Ontario Parks

Four of the five Great Lakes border Ontario, one of Canada’s best places for kiteboarders, windsurfers and yes, even surfers.  Popular “rider” places include many Ontario Parks especially in the fall when winds get stronger, the waves are bigger and the parks are a lot quieter. Here are a few favourites. Be sure to check with park authorities on where you can safely ride and remember,  vehicle permits are required. 

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