The superpowers of owls

Today’s post is from Alistair MacKenzie, our Natural Heritage Education & Resource Management Supervisor at Pinery Provincial Park.

I’ve been bird watching since the age of six. My dad was the main reason I began bird-watching, and he and I spent many hours in search of another species for our lists.

From the start, I was always fascinated by owls and to this day they are, hands-down, my favourite group of birds.  You have to work hard to find owls given that they are usually solitary hunters and most do not roost together in communal groups. Many, but not all, are nocturnal and they are generally shy and reclusive.

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I heard a strange sound last night – what was it?

Today’s post is from Mark D. Read, a senior interpreter at Murphys Point Provincial Park.

It’s a common question that park interpreters face almost daily during the summer and one that many folks already think they know the answer to:

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March is for Owl Prowls

March is a great time to experience owls in Ontario Parks; some are nesting and many will be hooting to proclaim their territories.  Plan your own owl prowl during March Break  in a provincial park. Park staff suggest an evening walk in an area with lots of cover.  Go on a still night when there’s little wind. Owls don’t tend to call on a windy night and it’s difficult to hear them or be heard! Continue reading March is for Owl Prowls