The fastest animal in Bon Echo, Canada, and the world!

Today’s post comes from Mitch Kellar, a Discovery Leader at Bon Echo Provincial Park.

Being a staff member at Bon Echo has given me a lot of incredible experiences: seeing the Mazinaw Rock at sunset, camping on Joeperry Lake, and a very memorable Kishkebus canoe trip, to name a few.

Above all, my experiences with Peregrine Falcons — small birds of prey and the fastest animals on the planet — will always be one of my favourites.

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Forever protected: why Bon Echo belongs

Our “Forever Protected” series shares why each and every park belongs in Ontario Parks. In today’s post, Lisa Roach from the Discovery Program tells us Bon Echo’s story. 

A favourite for generations of people, Bon Echo provides amazing scenery, relaxation, and a place for families and friends to reconnect. Indigenous peoples, artists, and early recreationists have all been attracted to the Bon Echo area.

So, why was Bon Echo chosen to become a park?

It all started with a donation of land.

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Water safety at Bon Echo

The famous Mazinaw Lake at Bon Echo Provincial Park attracts tons of visitors every year.

We love to see our visitors enjoy beginner friendly canoe routes or swimming in Joeperry Lake and Mazinaw Lake, however we want you to partake in water activities safely.

Here are some precautions to ensure you explore Bon Echo safely:

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Bon Echo’s Wanderer Tour

Today’s “Behind the scenes” blog comes from Caitie Carney,  a member of Bon Echo’s Discovery Program team.

If you asked visitors at Bon Echo Provincial Park “What keeps you coming back?”, the answer you’d probably hear is “Mazinaw Rock.”

Standing 92 m (300 feet) above Mazinaw Lake, Mazinaw Rock is a spectacle that commands the attention of visitors both on land and on water.

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I spy with my little eye…

Today’s post comes to us from Heather Stern, a naturalist at Bon Echo Provincial Park

Some of the oldest rock in the world.

Something that is carved.

Something made of wood.

These are only a few examples of the many things you can see from the Visitor Centre at Bon Echo Provincial Park, thanks to Rod MacKenzie with Hi-Spy Viewing Machines.

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October’s digital download

Mazinaw Rock is a massive cliff that rises 100 m above the lake and spans 1.5 km across with more than 260 ancient Indigenous pictographs. The history and beauty of this place is palpable.

This month’s FREE digital download is of a fall view of Mazinaw Rock in Bon Echo Provincial Park.

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