Where to snowshoe in Ontario Parks

Nature looks completely different under a glittering blanket of snow. Why not strap on some snowshoes and experience Ontario Parks in a whole new way this winter?

Check out our list of winter parks with top-notch snowshoeing opportunities:

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Grab your snowshoes and head for Ontario Parks

Twenty-six provincial parks across the province are open this winter and many offer extensive trail networks. Some even have their own designated snowshoe trails.  Just steer clear of any groomed cross-country ski trails you may see. These are reserved for cross-country skiers and Ontario Parks’ staff and members of local cross-country ski clubs work hard to maintain them in top-notch condition. If you decide you want to break your own trail, know your limits and follow these easy winter park safety tips.  The Ontario Parks Ski Report which is updated regularly, is a good place to check for the latest park snow conditions. Many winter parks offer heated roofed accommodation too.

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New Trail at Mashkinonje

About 40 people including Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay braved the rain recently to help open a new hiking trail at Mashkinonje Provincial Park. Calling it a testament to partnerships. Ramsay said the new Loudon Peatland Trail would not have been possible without the hard work of the Friends of Mashkinonje, as well as educational, business and municipal partners. Continue reading New Trail at Mashkinonje