4 tips to prep your camping gear for the off-season

All good things must come to an end, including the heat of summer.

You’ve learned to set up and take down your equipment this year, but do you know how to properly store it over the winter (without producing any mildew, funky smells, or damage)?

In case you need a quick refresher (pun intended), we’ve partnered with our friends at Coleman to create a checklist to help make sure your gear is ready and waiting for your first spring adventure.

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4 tips for a bear-free campsite

There’s nothing worse than coming back to your campsite after a day of fun and finding a bear has ransacked your cooler.

Stop encouraging Yogi Bear’s pic-a-nic basket habit by keeping your campsite clean.

Here are four ways to keep your campsite clean and bear-free:

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Fall camping opportunities

Just because summer’s winding down, it doesn’t mean you have to retire your camping equipment!

With cooler temperatures, fewer bugs, and a splendour of fall colours, there’s no better time to get out to one of these beautiful parks:

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An Ontario Parks glossary

Are you new to camping, or maybe a park veteran looking to brush up on your knowledge?

We’ve assembled a handy guide to all the terms you’ll need to know and understand before you visit the park…

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4 tips for choosing the perfect RV

The ability to take your “home away from home” all over the province has never been more appealing.

The assurance that your living space is safe for your family, combined with the freedom to travel where and when you want, has proved to be an ideal way for Ontarians to enjoy the great outdoors while maintaining physical distancing.

With help from our friends at the Canadian RV Association (CRVA), we’ve created a list of hot tips to guide you through finding your perfect RV:

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5 ways to help our staff this year

The past few months have been full of twists and turns.

Our staff are working hard to ensure our visitors are having a safe and enjoyable time at Ontario Parks.

Here are a few ways you can do your part to maintain a smooth experience at our parks for all:

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Why Ontario Parks moved to 100% reservable car campsites

In October, Ontario Parks updated our reservation system and are offering new and exciting services to our visitors. One of the biggest changes is that all our car campsites are now fully reservable — no more first-come, first-served sites.

Most of our visitors are excited by this change, and so are we. We heard overwhelmingly that our customers prefer having a reservation in advance, so they know for sure that they have a campsite before they show up.

However, there have also been some questions from our visitors who enjoyed the first-come, first-served option, and what this change means for them.

Here are the most common questions we’ve encountered so far:

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