6 health benefits of cycling

If you’ve ever pedalled up a hill before, it probably wouldn’t surprise you to hear that cycling is great for working the lower body, but did you know the health benefits reach far beyond your quads and hamstrings?

Check out these brain and body benefits of cycling:

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Flocking to Wasaga Beach

Many people flock to Wasaga Beach Provincial Park for the sandy beach… but so do the birds!

Piping Plovers are small shorebirds seen scurrying along sandy shorelines or backs of beaches where water has pooled, searching for insects and small crustaceans.  Although well camouflaged, Piping Plovers are identifiable by their short orange bills and bright orange legs.  These shorebirds may be little, weighing about 2 ounces and 6 inches in length, but they are mighty.  Twice a year they migrate approximately 2,000 miles to the Atlantic Coast of Mexico.

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Let your competitive side loose in Ontario Parks

When you hear Ontario Parks, thoughts of sunny beaches, campfires and trails come to mind.  However, there are a group of people at Kettle Lake Provincial Park that think of sweat, exertion and competition!

The annual Mosquito Tryathlon features a 400m swim around Slab Lake, an 11km bike and a 5km run.  There are also two shorter courses for youth who would like to take part.  Participants can take on this triathlon as part of a team or as an individual. 


Photo Credit: DKramerPhotography

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