Shhhhhh…Can You Hear That?

Imagine yourself standing along a major highway in Ontario, with 2000 other people, waiting to hear the sound of wolves. You could make this a reality by attending a wolf howl in Algonquin Provincial Park!

Algonquin Provincial Park is world famous for its wolves and wolf research, which began in the 1950’s, and continues to this day. One important discovery that was found, is that wolves will answer recorded wolf howls or human imitations. With this howling technique, researchers were able to locate wolves, and their dens, which provided valuable insight on the behaviour and habitat of Algonquin wolves.

Because interest peaked with campers on the research being done in the park, park staff decided to hold an evening of wolf “listening” back on August 17th, 1963. No one expected the turnout of 164 vehicles and 650 people who were eagerly waiting to hear the spine tingling howl of wolves. Now, every Tuesday and Wednesday evening in August, park staff set out to locate wolf packs. If a pack is located, the park will announce a public wolf howl on Thursdays, with information being displayed on park bulletin boards and at the Visitor Centre. You can also call the Visitor Centre at (613)637-2828 to find out if a wolf howl is scheduled for that day. Please remember, even though a pack was heard the night before, wolves are wild animals and move within their territories, so there are times when these public wolf howls are not successful. However, the experience of being there, does make this a worthwhile, memorable event!

If you are visiting Algonquin Provincial Park during the month of August, be sure to check out this AMAZING event.