Halloween 2018 at Ontario Parks

By the pricking of our thumbs, something wicked this way comes… We’ve got tons of haunted Halloween events coming up this month! And don’t forget to check out events page for late-breaking additions. Will you be visiting the ghosts of campers past this October?

Campsite vacancy highlights: June 29 – July 2

Keen to get out of town for the Canada Day long weekend? This week’s vacancy highlights (available as of 12:00 pm on June 27, 2018) are primarily in northern Ontario, with one hidden gem in southern Ontario at the end of the post.  Or scout out your ideal campsite on our Campsite Browsing/Reservation tool (including pictures of most … Continue reading Campsite vacancy highlights: June 29 – July 2

The makings and teachings of the birchbark canoe

Chuck Commanda grew up part of the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, an Algonquin First Nation. As a young boy, he helped his grandparents make birchbark canoes. Now, years later, Chuck enjoys sharing his knowledge and showcasing his skills to the public. Chuck recently attended the “Politics of the Canoe” workshop in Winnipeg, where he says much … Continue reading The makings and teachings of the birchbark canoe

Quetico’s 2017 science projects

When many people think about Quetico, they envision backcountry camping or paddling splendor. Today’s post from Brian Jackson, Park Biologist, highlights Quetico’s important scientific work. It’s been another busy year for science studies and monitoring in Quetico Provincial Park. The following highlights just a few of the projects carried out this past summer:

“Look for the leaf” this fall with Ontario Wood

Thousands of visitors will soon be flocking to parks for a panoramic view of our magnificent fall colours – bulbous, rounded streaks of red, yellow and orange flashing across the horizon. On the way to your favourite lookout through the maples, birch and poplars, look up and look around. Take a moment to breathe in … Continue reading “Look for the leaf” this fall with Ontario Wood

10 wacky fish facts

Fishing is a great way to experience the outdoors, connect with family, and explore new areas. Plus – the excitement of reeling in and landing a fish is hard-to-beat. Safely releasing it back into the water and watching it swim back into the depths is particularly rewarding too. Fish are amazing critters, as these strange-but-true … Continue reading 10 wacky fish facts

Don’t deck the Scots pine for Christmas

If you’ve visited Presqu’ile Provincial Park lately, you’ve probably spotted staff and volunteers cutting down happy pine trees (during the Christmas season!) and feeding them (*GASP*) into the woodchipper. You might even have pulled over to ask, in a little Cindy-Lou Who voice: Why are you taking our Christmas tree? Why?

Where’s Charlotte’s winter web?

Today’s post comes from Pilar Manorome, a natural heritage education specialist from Rondeau Provincial Park. While you’re cuddled up on the couch with your favourite book and a big cup of hot chocolate, have you ever wondered where our eight-legged friends spend the cold winter months? Well, I’ve got the answers to your winter-time ponderings.