Results are in – 13th Annual Christmas Bird Count in Killarney

In an earlier blog posting, we mentioned Killarney’s Christmas Bird Count. This year’s count recorded one of the highest number of species since our Killarney count began in 1998.
And it included a total of 32 species and 474 birds. Here’s a breakdown.

Most unusual bird (for this time of year)
o Horned Lark – first time ever on the Killarney Count!

Most numerous birds

o Black-capped Chickadees
o Common Ravens
o Blue Jays

Most common birds – on the count every year 1998 to 2010

o Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers,
o Black-capped Chickadees
o White-breasted and Red-breasted Nuthatches
o Bald Eagles
o Ruffed Grouse
o Herring Gulls
o European Starlings
o Blue Jays
o Common Ravens

Other Birds – we saw this year but only find about ½ the years or less of the times we do the counts

o Northern Shrikes
o Northern Cardinal
o White-winged Crossbills
o Red-tailed Hawks
o Golden Crowned Kinglets
o Barred Owl

Twelve participants enjoyed sun and perfect winter temperatures! The day lasted from sunrise to sunset and included 5 different areas ranging from Killarney Village to along highway #637 and 3 areas by snowshoe along the Georgian Bay coast, unplowed roads and hiking trails. As in past years, the potluck dinner was a highlight. But it was topped this year with a successful attempt to call a Barred Owl who responded and visited the deck of the Killarney research building!

As part of the longest-running citizen science survey in the world (111 years!), this 13th survey in Killarney contributes to the Audubon Society’s worldwide data set supporting essential data for conservation efforts.

Pairing experienced with novice birders helps to introduce newcomers to the survey and helps to continue growing this important effort. Counts occur between Dec 14 and January 5 each year. To join a count near you visit Counts in Canada have been coordinated in partnership with Bird Studies Canada since the year 2000.