Planning to Bring Your Own Firewood to the Park?

A single piece of firewood can destroy millions of trees.

It might seem difficult to imagine, but something as simple as bringing your own firewood when you travel to or from your favourite campsite could threaten and destroy thousands, even millions, of trees. Transportation of firewood is a common way for invasive species to spread as they remain hidden under the bark where you can’t see them. Campers who bring firewood from home may accidentally spread pests that threaten Ontario’s provincial parks and the health of our forests.

Leave your firewood at home.

Throwing a few pieces of firewood into the trunk of the car before a camping trip might seem like a good way to plan ahead, but those logs could destroy a forest.

The Asian long-horned beetle and Emerald ash borer are of particular concern. They are both recent arrivals to Canada and have no natural controls here. To prevent the spread of these pests, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued Federal Ministerial Orders that prohibit the movement of specific materials, including firewood and any material made from ash trees, from specific areas of Ontario, Quebec and the United States.

To find out if your area is regulated please visit the CFIA web site.

Ontario Parks will continue to prohibit campers from bringing firewood from any of these regulated areas into a provincial park. Anyone moving firewood from a regulated area or transporting within the newly amalgamated Southern Ontario area will have their firewood seized upon entry. Campers can still purchase firewood locally around the park; however you should check for pest infestation and avoid purchasing ash firewood.

Upon departure from the park please leave behind any left over firewood that was either purchased in the area or that traveled with you to the park. This will stop the spread of any unwanted pests.


For more information on bringing your own firewood into parks you are visiting please contact the park directly.

9 thoughts on “Planning to Bring Your Own Firewood to the Park?”

  1. Hi, I am planing to camping at sibbald point this summer, but I want to know if I am allow to bring my own grill and charcoal, and also I want to Know if this park sell their own firewood.
    thank you.

    1. Hi John,

      Yes, you are permitted to bring your own grill and charcoal. The day use areas do have pits to dispose of hot coals.

      Firewood is available for purchase at the park. The cost for a bag of hardwood is 7.50 per bag and kindling is $5.00

  2. I agree with stopping the spread of tree deseases, but the problem is the wood you buy at camp grounds is wet and only good for a smoke signal. This has happened two years in a row at Rushing River. So to enjoy a fire you almost have to bring your own wood.


  3. If you live in Hamilton, can you bring along any wood that is not Ash?

  4. A nobel endeavour,however in my 60 years never I mean NEVER have we been able to stop nature from filling a niche.
    and we never will
    the most recent -Emeral ash Borer – is well pasted Toronto and likley at its limit due to our winters,yet we still ban moves out of Essex county.
    Remember the ‘firebreak’ between lakes Erie and St clair?
    Never give up but be realistic

  5. How do staff determine where the firewood came from? I live, and source my wood, outside of the regulated area.

    I have attempted to purchase firewood at the park several times in the past, and each time, the wood was not seasoned and very difficult to burn. Other campers confirmed my findings and had similar frustration. This initiative would be more effective if the Parks sold seasoned wood.

  6. Hi all. We visit Bass Lake park a few times a year and have found that the firewood and kindling that the park sells is a good value, and nice and dry. Now we aren’t the type that burns a fire all day long, rather we just have a fire at night after supper.

    The park firewood is hardwood and we find that two bags plus a bag of kindling does us nicely for 7 evenings.

    Oh, and by buying at the parks it is just another way to support the great service that we are pleased to enjoy.



  7. Do I understand correctly that non-Ash firewood from Manitoba can be brought into Ontario?

  8. If you want people to leave their wood at home then you need to provide affordable alternatives. When people are charged $7.50 for a small bundle of mill edge cuts they decide to bring their own wood.

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