Empty propane cylinder? Orange Drop to the rescue!

Packing up your picnic or campsite?

Please be sure your leftover propane cylinders don’t go into the garbage or recycling!

These cylinders contain pressurized gas and chemicals, so safe and proper disposal is crucial to make sure nothing harmful leaks into Ontario’s groundwater and waterways.

So what should you do with your leftover propane cylinders?

Orange Drop to the rescue!

The Orange Drop program provides collection cages for single-use propane cylinders at 85 provincial parks.

That’s right — you can properly dispose of propane cylinders before heading home!

To dispose of an empty propane cylinder, just find an Orange Drop disposal unit within the park, and deposit your single-use propane cylinder through the hole at the top.

If you do happen to take your propane cylinders home, don’t fret!

There are many Orange Drop locations around the province that provide safe and proper disposal — find a drop-off location near you!

Fun fact: In 2019 alone, Orange Drop collected over 742 tonnes of pressurized containers. That is the weight of 100,000 bowling balls!

Here are some additional Dos and Don’ts:

  • don’t put single-use pressurized containers in the recycling OR garbage! This can be very dangerous, both to people and to our environment
  • don’t discharge leftover propane into the atmosphere, even if the cylinder comes with a device to do this. Leave it to Orange Drop — they’ll do that properly and safely for you
  • when transporting your pressurized containers, do make sure that they are secured in an upright position and stored in an area where they are not at risk of being damaged.

Doing the right thing feels good

By dropping single-use propane containers in an Orange Drop collection cage or at a drop-off location, you can rest easy knowing that they will be safely recycled. The metal, valves and other elements will be recovered or reused.

Waste management station with Orange Drop bins

Have some empty pressurized containers around the house? Visit MakeTheDrop.ca and use the locator tool to find a drop-off location near you.

Ontario Parks would like to thank corporate partners like Stewardship Ontario for their support.