Ontario Parks Exposed

With over 2000 photographs submitted, amateur shutterbugs province-wide “exposed” the awesome diversity of Ontario Parks in our 2006 Photo Contest.

This is the second year for the contest a partnership between Pentax Canada, Harrowsmith Country Life and Ontario Parks. Entries included flowers, wildlife, landscapes, and people all taken in Ontario Parks! This year we included a new category,”Winter Memories”, which brought out the frosty adventurer in folks who submitted some fantastic shots!

Thanks to all the photographers who shared their captured moments with us!

Below are the winners from each category.


flora and flauna first place Algonquin 1 2Flora & Flauna – 1st Place
Chuck Hammill
Algonquin Provincial Park

flora and flauna second place Sandbar Flora & Flauna – 2nd place
Alex Mowatt
Sandbar Lake Provincial Park

flora and flauna third place Rondeau2Flora & Flauna – 3rd place
Denise Dykema
Rondeau Provincial Park

park landscape first place Algonquin 1 2Park Landscape – 1st place
Jason Irwin
Algonquin Provincial Park

park landscape second place AlgonquinPark Landscape – 2nd place
Lindsey Dawn Anderson
Algonquin Provincial Park

park landscape third place AlgonquinPark Landscape – 3rd Place
Robert Sonier
Killarney Provincial Park

parks and people first place Kettle Lakes 1Parks & People – 1st place
Cameron Donaldson
Kettle Lakes Provincial Park

parks and people second place PineryParks & People – 2nd place
Mrs. Pilar Hansen
Pinery Provincial Park

parks and people third place PineryParks & People – 3rd place
Jennifer Dietz
Pinery Provincial Park

winter first place Presquile 1Winter – 1st Place
Penny Olorenshaw
Presquile Provincial Park

winter second place MacGregorWinter – 2nd place
Heidi Jonuschies
MacGregor Point Provincial Park

winter third place Rushing RiverWinter – 3rd place
Jane Belair
Rushing River Provincial Park

Come and experience the natural beauty of Ontario’s provincial parks for yourself and capture your own memories.

10 thoughts on “Ontario Parks Exposed”

  1. is there any way that the 2nd and 3rd place winner photos can be posted? or possibly a link to various photo entries?

  2. For myself, I’d love to see some of my non-winning photos in the Parks Image Gallery mentionned above. But I see that, for the parks I visited last year, that there have been no additions – – and in some cases the Gallery is meagre.


  3. Richard: Great link! Thanks for sharing it. Kent: we do try to use some of the images for the Parks gallery, not all of them make it in. And you’re right, it is thin in spots, but we’re working on it. Brad: No, there won’t be a 2007 contest. So far we’ve done this contest bi-annually, but at the moment there is no confirmation for a 2008 contest.

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

  4. With all wonderful photos on Flickr it must have been an extremely difficult task selecting the prize winners. Most of them look like winners, but really the photos on that link prove that the real prize for all of us taking the pictures is the natural experience waiting for us in our parks.

  5. To Echo Kents’ question, Will the non winners photos be used on the web site??

  6. I too submitted photos for the contest and have just gone to the Parks Image Gallery mentioned. Many of mine were from Algonquin Interior and to date there are no images for that location. Even if they aren’t award winning, I suggest that they are posted so that folks interested in certain parks they have not been to can see what it is like there.

  7. Michelle and dbegbie: Some of the non-winning photos are being scanned now for inclusion in the park image gallery. I will emphasize the word “some”, there are just too many entries to have them all scanned. It will be some time yet, but keep an eye on the galleries, they are on the way.

  8. I am picture happy and also entered the contest…maybe you would prefer if we email some photos to you rather than having to scan them. It would be much easier for you.

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