November brings Wild Weather to The Pinery

One hundred years ago, the Great Storm of 1913 battered the Great Lakes region. This storm hit Lake Huron particularly hard with tragic consequences, sinking 8 ships and taking the lives of 178 men. This powerful November storm, also called “The Big Blow,” “White Hurricane” and “Freshwater Fury,” is being remembered across the Great Lakes regions this month including at The Pinery Provincial Park.

As seen from the shores of The Pinery. Photo credits: (clockwise from top left) A. Lake, A. Lake, A. Mackenzie, S. McGaffey.

Wild Weather is presented by The Friends of Pinery Park on November 16, 2013 and features guest speakers that will look at the conditions that created this storm and the impacts that it had on the area.  The first speaker will be Jay Campbell, a retired television meteorologist that will explore the conditions of “The White Hurricane” and if a similar storm could hit the region again.  The second speaker, Tom Purdy, will tell the tragic story of the ships that went down on Lake Huron and the men aboard that lost their lives.  The day will end with a guided hike with a park naturalist that will look at how weather has shaped the park and its landscape. 

 There is no charge to attend Wild Weather and entry to the park will be free for this special event.  The event kicks off at The Pinery Visitor Centre at 10:30AM and will run into the early afternoon.  Refreshments will be provided however, participants will be responsible for bringing their own lunch. 

 A complete schedule is available on The Friends of Pinery Park website

For more information or to pre-register, please call 519-243-1521.