Non-refillable propane canisters = Expensive Garbage!

Most people like to spend their money wisely and at Ontario Parks, we’re no different. We don’t want to use your parks fees on unnecessary services. But that’s what we have to do to get rid of empty, non-refillable propane cylinders.

Campers have been leaving behind about 50,000 of these non-refillable canisters in our provincial parks every year! Because the containers are considered “hazardous waste,” we can’t just take them to the local landfill. We have to hire firms that specialize in disposing of this kind of material and it’s not cheap. At $2.50 per cylinder, it costs us almost as much to get rid of the cylinders as it does for consumers to buy them. What we spend to dispose of these containers every year could be used to buy 800 picnic tables, or 890 fireplace grills, or outfit five children’s playgrounds… so we’re asking for your help.

1. Please don’t use disposable propane canisters. Convert to regular refillable propane tanks, or choose equipment that uses camp fuel.
2. If you must use disposable canisters, please take them home with you and dispose of them at your local hazardous waste depot.

Ontario Parks will not restock disposable propane containers in our stores when the current supply runs out. If the problem persists, we may have to consider an outright ban on the use of disposable propane canisters in provincial parks.

Please, do your part to help us use your parks fees wisely. Don’t leave your propane canisters behind in Ontario’s provincial parks.